These workshops, led by collage artist and urban gardener, Carolin Taron, engage participants in making collage with natural materials and found (or discarded) objects.

Participants go on a community walk, where they are introduced to different “ways of seeing” our space through sensory exercises, encouraging them to rethink their initial perceptions of their environment or objects that they may consider “waste”.

Participants get the opportunity to walk around their community, gathering objects – which serves as both a material scavenger hunt, as well as a mini environmental clean-up. At this point, they are also asked to consider local environmental issues that they may be aware of.

Through a series of activities, where participants get to show-off their newly found “treasures”, they tackle the differences between waste and salvageable material, and discuss how to reuse found objects in a safe and sustainable way.

Participants are provided with an age-appropriate overview and a technical introduction to collage art, which historical has been a form of underground expression. They learn collaging techniques, such as rubbing, layering, and incorporating three dimensional materials.

Individual and collaborative collages that explore environmental themes which have arisen for participants during the community walk are created and shared with parents and the wider community.