everyone on aug 23

Lead Artistic Facilitator Helen Huang and the Toronto Emerging ARTivists (TEA) have collaborated with youth from Hong Fook Mental Health Association’s Choices Program to create this mural. Over the Summer of 2014, the project connected youth from Thorncliffe with youth from Scarborough.

This mural, appropriately titled “Every step of the way”, celebrates the journey young people take to achieve their dreams. The cherry blossom expresses a youthful spring-like quality that represents the great potential and hope the participating youth artists have.

Painted inside Hong Fook Mental Health Association’s main office, the themes captured in its depiction of a supportive community collaboratively developed by during the painting and expected from future youth projects in the space.

The mural was created under the mentorship of STEPS Artistic Facilitator, Helen Huang, and Youth Program Worker, Kennes Lin, who fostered participating youth’s artistic and leadership capacity to lead future art projects in their community.

From its design conception to installation, the group consulted key stakeholders and encouraged Hong Fook staff to participate in the painting. Members of TEA dedicated themselves to the creation of this mural with the intent of showing that youth can reach their full potential in a supportive environment. The work’s supportive theme and message ensures that it will enliven Hong Fook Mental Health Association in the years to come.

This project was made possible by a partnership between the STEPS Initiative,  the Toronto Emerging ARTivists, and Hong Fook Mental Health Association.