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COVID-19 Creative Placemaking Rapid-response (CPR)

Across the world, communities are stepping up to the myriad of obstacles brought on by COVID-19 and physical distancing restrictions. Cultural events are cancelled. Once lively streets and parks are largely empty. Sidewalks are suddenly unsafely narrow. Organizations and businesses are operating in ways they never imagined possible. STEPS can help you respond to these difficult circumstances.

As part of our response to COVID-19, STEPS has launched a Creative Placemaking Rapid-response (CPR) initiative through which we’re offering pro-bono consulting to both the private and public sector, including Canadian municipalities, BIA’s, community and nonprofit organizations or businesses. As a charitable arts organization with expertise in cultural planning and community development, our team will be providing up to one hour of consultation free of charge, and where necessary, follow-up consultations may be available. We are here to help you:

Brainstorm rapid response solutions to public space challenges through a cultural lens

Transform spaces to meet the changing needs of your community or workplace

Produce public artwork in response to (or in spite of) the current pandemic

Align your cultural project or service to support your community’s current critical needs

Adjust placemaking project schedules, contracts and policies for enhanced feasibility

Engage your community, whether neighbours, colleagues or clients while physical distancing

Facilitate equitable outreach, recruitment and selection processes for creative projects

Build the case for incorporating public art in the pandemic recovery period

Connect with new networks and potential partners for increased capacity

By partnering with us for a deeper impact on medium to long-term placemaking initiatives

If you are interested in our CPR services, please complete Email Us. STEPS will pair you with a consultant who will schedule a meeting with you via phone or video conference.

We know that not all people and communities are experiencing this crisis in the same way or to the same extent. Historic and structural inequities amplify the effects of COVID-19 in communities of colour, Indigenous communities and other equity-seeking communities. STEPS will place particular emphasis on prioritizing requests from these communities.

Past clients include:


Main Street Art Challenge


STEPS offered free placemaking services, artist fee subsidies, promotional support and prizes for Business Improvement Areas to host art installations that increase feelings of trust and community across Toronto and Peel main streets as part of their pandemic recovery efforts.


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