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Riverside Pollinators

This public work was produced in collaboration with the Riverside Business Improvement Area and artist Nick Sweetman in 2016.

The mural’s vibrant imagery explore several locally relevant themes. Riverside’s hidden green spaces support thriving wildflowers and local hives, meanwhile the area had cultivated a growing bee-keeping culture. The work also pays homage to Albert Edelstein, a long-time clockmaker and jeweller in the community who was integral to founding the Riverside Business Improvement Area (BIA) in the 1980s. Edelstein personifies ‘The Pollinator’: someone working hard on tiny things with countless moving parts, with the whole their work having enormous impacts. The present of gears also represent small things working together to make big things happen – like bees in a hive, or active members of a community. Like clockmakers, pollinators are important members of society and their toils must be given proper respect, as they play an essential role in allowing people to thrive and exist. Meanwhile, the mural’s colours and style portray Riverside’s ebbs and flows through time and its vibrancy today.

This project supported by the City of Toronto, and made possibly through partnerships with Elbers Antiques, UrbanQuest, The Ralph Thornton Centre, The Toronto Public Library Queen/Saulter Branch and Wipeout Specialty Cleaning.

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