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Schoolyard SCULPTURE

In collaboration with artist Ryan Ringer, designer Carla Weinberg and archiTEXT, we we had the opportunity to engage students from Lakeshore Collegiate Institute in  the enhancement of their school grounds.

Programming that engaged youth to think critically about public space and their role in shaping it was facilitated in multiple classes, through a process that solicited a wealth of ideas from the student body on opportunities for the community spaces around the Lakeshore CI.

Cyber Arts students were then challenged to translate ideas generated by the student body for the schoolyard into a design for a sculptural installation. Led by Sonja Millermaier of archiTEXT, students learned about real-world design considerations while collaboratively designing dynamic sculptural seating that provides the students and larger community with an enhanced public space. Students also had the opportunity to visit Eventscape’s fabrication facility in Etobicoke, which provided inspiration for their design and an opportunity to learn about design-oriented career paths.

This project was made possible by the Ministry of Education, Lakeshore Collegiate Institute, Lakeshore Arts, and Eventscape.

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